Heinz Salad Cream 30% Less Fat

After a century of being a must-have ingredient in lunchboxes and picnic hampers up and down the country, Heinz Salad Cream celebrates its centenary this year! Today, it is still the ‘Original Tangy Taste’ that makes it one of Britain’s best-loved sauces. 

Does your Barbie need beefing up? Does your Iceberg get a frosty reception?  Then, why not spoil your celery, boost those burgers and add zest to your chicken breast with a delicious dollop of Heinz Salad Cream?

Bring on the zing and dish up drumsticks they’ll bang on about. Go on, get those barbecue tongs wagging.

Bring on the Zing at lunchtimes and celebrate 100 years of Heinz Salad Cream this summer.

For all the flavour but with less calories try Heinz Salad Cream 30% Less Fat.*

Sizes Available:

Glass Bottle 285g
Handy Pack 290g
Squeezy Plastic Bottle 420g
Top Down Squeezy Plastic Bottle 460g & 600g

*Versus Heinz Salad Cream Original

Heinz policy of continuous product improvement may result in a change to the label. You are advised to always check the label for changes to the allergen status, ingredients and nutrition of our products.